Easy Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Indulge in a warm bowl of velvety mac and cheese. Each bite is a delectable blend of rich cheese sauce, warm spices, and smooth pumpkin purée.


– low-carb noodles – butter – pumpkin puree – nutmeg – gruyere cheese

Prepare your noodles according to the instructions on the package.


Next in a large skillet, melt the butter. Add the flour.  Stir until the flour is dissolved into the butter. It will be thick.  Be careful not to burn.


Add almond milk or cream and pumpkin.  Simmer for about 5 minutes. Stirring often so as not to burn.


Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and nutmeg and mix well.


Add noodles and simmer for 5 minutes.


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