Sticky Sesame Chicken

Chicken bites are pan fried in sesame oil and avocado oil and then tossed in a ginger sauce. Paired with steamed broccoli, every saucy bite bursts with sweet, tangy, sesame flavor.


– Sesame oil – Chicken breasts – Spices – Broccoli

Cut chicken up into 1 inch cubes and cook in sesame oil and avocado oil. Cook on medium to high heat for about 5 minutes until nearly cooked through.


While the chicken cooks, mix in a bowl: cornstarch, water- stir and set slurry to the side.


In another small saucepan add the brown sugar, coconut aminos, hoisin, chinese 5 spice, ginger and lime juice and combine on low to medium heat on a gentle simmer for 2 minutes.


Add the slurry to the small saucepan and mix together with a whisk for 3 – 4 minutes or until thickened.


Add broccoli to the pan with the chicken and pour your sauce over and cook for 5-8 more minutes on medium heat.


Garnish with sesame seeds and serve.


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