Best Sustainable Kitchen Products

Functionality is just as important as sustainability. Because if a sustainable product is not functional, then you’re not going to use it.

In our opinion, all the products mentioned in this story are just as functional  all the more (if not more so) than their non-sustainable counterparts.

Grocery Box Bags These bags have reinforced sides, making them sturdy and easy to carry. Instead of 15 grocery bags, you probably only need 2 reinforced totes.

Cotton Produce Bags Try a produce bag made from cotton or mesh. A produce bag with good ventilation keeps your produce fresh for longer.

Silicone Zip-Lock Bags These dishwasher-safe bags are great for storing leftovers, packing snacks, and performing all other plastic-bag tasks.

SilPat Cover your baking sheet with a SilPat. This reusable, nonstick surface will improve the efficiency of your kitchen. They are dishwasher-safe, making for easy clean-up.

Silicone Lids Silicone lids are great for covering cups, bowls, and tin cans. They have a better seal than saran wrap, keeping your food fresh for longer.

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