What Is Neutral Eating?

It’s practical in the sense that neutral eating is not a diet. There is no plan. There is nothing to count. There is no “eat this” or “don’t eat that.”

Rather, neutral eating illuminates basic food logic. We all know that sugar is bad. We all know it would do our bodies good to eat less.

How Do I Eat Less Sugar? To eat less sugar, you need a basic understanding of calories. Simply put, calories are energy.

Is Fat Bad? Look at whole foods that are high in fat, and it becomes clear that fat is a quality source of energy.

Is Animal Fat Healthy? Neutral eating says to eat the whole animal! It’s nutritious. It’s humane. It’s sustainable. It’s cost-effective. It makes sense.

Is Dairy Healthy?  Yes, there are positive health benefits to dairy, but there is a general consensus that too much dairy can have adverse effects on health. This makes sense to us.

Sugar and Carbohydrates When a carbohydrate is digested, it breaks down into sugar. To eat less sugar means to eat fewer carbohydrates.

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