Roasted Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers

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Sweet mini bell peppers are stuffed with a tangy cheese mixture. Baked and broiled, the peppers are tender with a gooey center. Finished with a drizzle of balsamic and fresh basil, this low-carb snack or appetizer is sweet, refreshing, and savory all at once! 

Stuffed Mini Peppers Appetizer! Party Snacks for Kids.

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    What can I expect?

    This recipe has the creamy consistency and bold, tangy flavor you expect with roasted goat cheese dip. However, instead of being served with tortilla chips or crostini, it’s stuffed into peppers. As a result, you get a low-carb snack or appetizer full of flavor and nutrients. 

    All you have to do is hollow out the peppers, add the goat cheese mixture, and bake! The oven does all the hard work, delivering a handheld option all your guests will love in just 20 minutes. These stuffed peppers are so tasty you won’t even miss the carbs! 

    Are Roasted Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers Healthy? 

    Best Stuffed Mini Peppers Recipe! Easy Goat Cheese Appetizer.

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      Let’s take a look at the main ingredients: 

      • Mini bell peppers
      • Goat cheese
      • Asiago cheese
      • Red onion

      Mini bell peppers and red onion are natural, nutritious food sources. Use them to add color, nutrients, and flavor to a variety of recipes. 

      But what about goat cheese and asiago cheese? Is dairy healthy?

      Here’s what we know. Dairy is full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and natural fat energy. But if everyone consumed dairy all of the time, dairy farming would become abusive and unsustainable…

      Let’s be mindful of our dairy intake. Buy dairy that comes from pasture-raised cows and try to eat less. 

      Sugar is what makes food unhealthy.

      It’s common to dig into roasted goat cheese dip with a full bag of tortilla chips. But tortilla chips are made from white flour (which is practically sugar).

      In only one serving of chips (and who stops at one serving of tortilla chips), you’re already up to 14g of sugar. Next, you’re looking at heartburn with an energy crash. (And you’ll be scouring the pantry for your next sugar snack within the hour.)

      Swap the flour tortilla chips with bell peppers, and this recipe becomes nourishment. The ingredients provide vitamins, minerals, protein, and quality, whole-food energy. 

      Enjoy these roasted goat cheese stuffed mini bell peppers knowing they support your well-being. Learn more about eating less sugar here.

      Roasted Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers Tips

      Healthy Mini Pepper Recipe Snack! Easy Party Snacks.

      1. Create a snack platter

      Add these peppers to a snack platter or appetizer table along with options like crispy zucchini chips, buffalo chicken dip, cowboy caviar dip, and spinach artichoke dip bites. It’s perfect for everything from game day to holiday parties! 

      2. Have leftover peppers? 

      Save them for later, or use them to make cucumber sweet pepper salad with air fried salmon or spiraled cucumber salad

      3. Incorporate protein 

      Mix crumbled bacon, cooked ground beef, or shredded chicken into the cheese filling to make these peppers even more filling. 

      4. Add a main course

      Serve these peppers as a side dish with main courses such as feta artichoke chicken, baked caprese chicken, or lemon garlic butter salmon.

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      Feasting on bold, flavorful food and staying healthy are not mutually exclusive. Fill your kitchen with foods that taste good and are good for you.

        Roasted Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers

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        Prep Time:5 minutes
        Cook Time:20 minutes


        • 12-15 mini bell peppers
        • 10 ounces of goat cheese
        • cup grated asiago cheese
        • 2 Tbsp finely chopped red onion
        • Pinch of black pepper
        • Garnish with freshly chopped basil and lightly drizzle balsamic reduction/glaze optional


        • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
        • Wash and cut your peppers in half lengthwise – removing flesh and seeds inside. 3. Mix ingredients in a bowl then fill inside the peppers.
        • Place on a lined baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes. You may broil on high for a minute to toast the top slightly if you would like.
        • Garnish with fresh chopped basil and lightly drizzle with a balsamic reduction. Enjoy!



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        Recipe from Neutral Eating:
        Servings: 12
        Author: Neutral Eating
        Vegetarian Stuffed Mini Peppers! Gluten Free Party Snacks.

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