Spiraled Cucumber Salad

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Experience the perfect side dish with this Asian-inspired spiraled cucumber salad. The refreshing, crisp cucumber and juicy bell peppers are perfectly complemented by a blend of tangy rice vinegar, savory sesame oil, and just a hint of spice from the red chili pepper flakes and Chinese 5 spice. Finished with just a hint of sweetness and topped with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts and toasted sesame seeds, this dish is the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and nutty flavors.

Quick and Easy Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe (How to Make Spiral Cucumber Salad)

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    What can I expect? 

    Think side salads have to be boring, bland, and soggy? Think again! This spiraled cucumber salad gives a new meaning to a classic side dish with vibrant colors, lots of satisfying crunches, and an explosion of sweet, spicy, and refreshing flavors in every bite. 

    Unlike most pre-made or store-bought Asian-inspired salads, you won’t find loads of sugar, preservatives, or chemicals in this recipe. Instead, we use natural, whole-food ingredients to create a satisfying texture and flavor. Seasoned with warm spices, a touch of honey, and a natural sugar substitute, this is one healthy salad recipe you can feel good about. 

    Full of fiber, nutrients, and healthy fats, it’s sure to leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the rest of your day! 

    Spiraled Cucumber Salad Tips

    A Simple Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe (The Best Healthy Chili Crunch Cucumber Salad For Lunch)

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      1. Prepare in advance

      Unlike many other salad recipes, this spiraled cucumber salad actually tastes better if made in advance! Making it a few hours or up to a day ahead of time allows the cucumbers plenty of time to soak up the moisture from the dressing, making them extra flavorful. 

      2. Add protein

      Transform this spiraled cucumber salad from a filling side dish into a main course by adding lean protein like grilled chicken, shrimp, steak, tuna, or your favorite meat alternative to keep it vegetarian-friendly. 

      3. Add a side

      Whether you’re serving this salad as a side dish or a main course, you can never go wrong with an additional side like our low-carb dinner rolls to make your dining experience even more satisfying. 

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        Spiraled Cucumber Salad

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        Spiraled Cucumber Salad
        Prep Time:15 minutes


        • 3 mini cucumbers spiraled or sliced
        • ½ cup – mini bell peppers chopped
        • ¼ cup – rice vinegar
        • 1 tsp – Granular Sugar Replacement (Lakanto)
        • 1 tsp – honey
        • ½ tsp – sesame oil
        • ¼ tsp – red chili pepper flakes
        • pinch of salt or to taste
        • pinch of Chinese 5 spice (⅛ tsp)
        • ¼ tsp – liquid aminos
        • 1-2 Tbsps – crushed peanuts
        • dash of toasted sesame seeds


        • Prep the veggies in one bowl.
        • *To spiral the cucumber: Place cucumber between 2 chopsticks. Cut the cucumber width wise in small slices all the way down to the chopsticks. Flip the cucumber over and slice it in a diagonal all the way down to the chopsticks.
        • Mix all remaining ingredients from vinegar to aminos in a bowl – then add to veggies and top with peanuts and sesame seeds.


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        Recipe from Neutral Eating: https://neutraleating.com/spiraled-cucumber-salad
        Servings: 4
        Simple Chinese Cucumber Salad with Rice Vinegar and Chili Oil (A Healthy Lunch Idea for Clean Eating)

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          What are you going to serve with your Spiraled Cucumber Salad? Let us know in the comments below!

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            The recipe is very unique. I was amaze with the spiral cucumber cut style. I love it. I will try this recipe salad and serve it to my family.

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