2 Ingredient Cheesy Bread (Chaffle Recipe)


Learn to make a chaffle (aka, 2 ingredient cheesy bread), and turn it into a satisfying and savory meal with countless variations. It only takes 5 minutes to make!

Cheddar Cheese Keto Chaffle! Easy Low Carb Bread Alternative.

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    What Are Chaffles?

    Technically, a chaffle is a cheese waffle… but it’s more of a quick and delicious bread alternative. Mix cheese and egg together, throw it under a waffle iron, and out comes cheesy bread. 

    You could use your chaffles as hamburger buns or bread slices. We like to create open-faced crispy sandwiches that are filling, healthy, and delicious. 

    Chaffles are a blank canvas for you to explore your snacking pleasures, so get creative. Decorate your chaffle with meats, avocado, spices, mayo, and more!

    Are Chaffles Healthy?

    Easy Cheese Waffle Recipe! Quick 2 Ingredient Breakfast Bread!

    Chaffles call for two fresh ingredients: eggs and cheese. Not only are these foods full of vitamins and minerals, but the natural fats will support sustainable energy throughout your day.

    What’s more, chaffles are low in sugar which means this meal will not spike your blood sugar. Expect the chaffle to keep you feeling full, awake, and engaged.

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      Best Chaffle Toppings 

      Toppings turn the cheesy chaffle snack into a delectable meal. Take a look at our topping ideas below. Dare to mix and match the ideas. We love the mayo, red pepper flakes, kimchi, and avocado combo. Tell us about your creation in the comments! 


      Creamy mayonnaise is the perfect pairing for your crispy chaffle. A hefty dab of mayo can be eaten on the chaffle alone, or let it be the foundation for your chaffle-tastic creation. 

      Next time you buy mayo, consider checking the ingredients for sugar. Neutral Eating recommends mayo that is sugar free and has quality oil. Mayo should be a healthy snack: it’s just eggs, oil, and vinegar. So load up your chaffle with quality mayo and feel full! 


      What more could a crispy chaffle need than a perfectly ripened avocado. Dice up your avocado and enjoy biting into the heaping mound of avocado pieces. If avocado slices aren’t falling off your chaffle as you eat it, add more avocado. 

      Fried egg

      How do you like your eggs? On a chaffle, leaving the yolk a little runny (over-medium) does the chaffle good. Fry up an egg, lay it on your chaffle, and grab your fork and knife for a healthy, decadent, and filling snack. 


      Got any leftovers in the fridge? The chaffle is the perfect vehicle to make those leftovers taste better the next day. Fry up your chaffle, spoon on your leftovers, and go to town. 


      Add tomato to lighten your delectable chaffle meals. Sliced tomatoes add freshness, juicy-ness, and savory tomato flavor to every bite. 

      Kimchi and Sauerkraut

      Are you a flavor seeker? Then you probably know that fermented foods pack a punch. Decorate your chaffle with Kimchi or Souerkraut to add a fresh acidic flavor that is welcomed on practically every chaffle recipe you create.  

      Spice it Up

      Want to add spice? Add red pepper flakes or Mexican Fiesta. Two other notable spices to try on your chaffle are garlic powder and nutritional yeast. Check your spice rack for new flavor ideas to test.

      Tips for the Best Chaffle

      Make it Crispy

      Before you mix the egg and shredded cheese, set aside a couple pinches of cheese to make your chaffle extra crispy. Add a pinch of cheese to the waffle iron before and after adding the main chaffle mixture. The crispy texture takes the chaffle eating experience to a new level.

      Let the Chaffle Cool

      If you want your chaffle crispy, give your chaffle a minute to cool after plating. The chaffle needs to let off some steam to get its optimal crispy-on-the-outside texture. 

      Use a 4 inch waffle iron

      Our recipe works best with a 4 inch waffle iron. You’ll end up with two 4-inch pull apart cheesy bread chaffles. This gives you a perfectly sized hamburger bun or sandwich thin alternative. Or you can use each as an individual slice of toast and load up your open-faced sandwich.

      What is the best waffle maker for chaffles? Our favorite is the Dash 4-inch waffle iron. A 4-inch chaffle is the perfect diameter for open-faced sandwiches and hamburger buns. 

      Mix up the Cheese

      Changing out the cheese is yet another way to add variety to your chaffle snack. The cheeses we found that work best are shredded mozzarella, cheddar, and pepperjack. Try a new cheese or use a combination of cheeses. Four-Cheese Chaffle, anyone?

      How To Store Your Chaffles

      Chaffles stay fresh in the fridge for about a week and they freeze just fine. When you’re ready to eat your chaffle, toss it in the toaster. They reheat just like a frozen waffle.\

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        2 Ingredient Cheesy Bread (Chaffle)

        2 ingredient cheesy bread thats quick and healthy. Top with avocado, kimchi, fried egg, and more!
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        3 ingredient cheesy bread chaffle
        Prep Time:5 minutes


        • 1 Egg
        • 1/2 cup Cheese


        • Mix together egg and cheese
        • Scoop out a little less than 1/4 cup of mix
        • Pour mix into waffle iron evenly
        • Wait 4-6 minutes or until golden brown. You can lift the lid and check color.
        • Enjoy plain, with avocado, fried, egg, kimchi, etc. See our topping ideas above.



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        Servings: 1
        Author: Neutral Eating
        2 Ingredient Cheese Waffle Recipe! Egg Cheese Waffle.

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