Healthy Sushi Waffle with Spicy Salmon (low carb)

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This recipe features a cheesy low-carb waffle topped with classic, savory sushi toppings, and a creamy sriracha mayo sauce that packs a punch of heat. Enjoy this unique fusion of flavors and cuisines. 

TikTok Food Hack! Healthy Sushi Waffle.

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    What is a Sushi Waffle? 

    A fairly new creation, sushi waffles are a unique take on traditional sushi rolls. Instead of featuring rice wrapped around fillings, the carb source is turned into a waffle and topped with all the same ingredients you expect to find in sushi. However, instead of using white sushi rice, we transformed our recipe into a low-carb sushi waffle, using cauliflower rice instead! 

    The base is crisp and cheesy while the toppings are full of flavor and protein. The end result is a satisfying meal loaded with nutrients and flavor that is guaranteed to fill you up without weighing you down. 

    Is this Sushi Waffle Healthy? 

    Crispy Waffle Sushi Rice Recipe! Viral Tiktok Snacks.

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      Let’s look at the main ingredients: 

      • Cauliflower rice
      • Cucumber
      • Avocado
      • Salmon 

      Cucumber, avocado, and salmon are natural, nutritious food sources. Each have their own list of health benefits. The trick to making this sushi waffle healthy is substituting the white rice for cauliflower rice. Why?

      Sugar is what makes food unhealthy.

      Common sushi rice is composed of carbs and contains at least 4 teaspoons of sugar for every 4 cups of rice. 

      Combined with the glycemic impact of white rice, and you’re looking at heartburn with an energy crash. (And you’ll be scouring the pantry for your next sugar snack within the hour.) 

      Substitute sushi rice with low-carb cauliflower rice, and this recipe becomes nourishment. The ingredients provide vitamins, minerals, protein and quality, whole-food energy. 

      Enjoy this sushi waffle knowing it supports your well being. Learn more about eating less sugar here.

      Sushi Waffle Tips

      1. Make a large waffle 

      We use a mini waffle maker and work in batches for individual portions. However, to save time, you can add the entire waffle mixture to a large waffle maker, and divide the cooked waffle in two. 

      2. Make it vegetarian 

      Omit the salmon, and replace it with tofu to keep this sushi waffle plant-based without missing out on the protein. 

      3. Use different toppings 

      Mix and match all your favorite sushi roll ingredients as toppings! For instance, pickled onions, shredded carrots, seaweed, ginger, wasabi, mushrooms, spinach, and asparagus would all taste great. 

      4. Enjoy right away

      This recipe does not store well and is likely to become soggy when kept in the fridge. As a result, it’s best enjoyed right away while the waffle is still warm.

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        Sushi Waffle (Salmon)

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        Sushi Waffle (Salmon)
        Prep Time:10 minutes
        Cook Time:9 minutes




        • 2 Tbsp cucumber diced
        • ¼ avocado sliced
        • 1 Tbsp green onion diced
        • 3 Tbsp cubed salmon can sub other fish, crab, or shrimp



        • toasted seasame seeds


        • Mix the waffle makings in a bowl and place half in a mini waffle maker for 2-3 minutes or until fully cooked and crisp. Set aside.
        • Add the diced veggies and avo on top, add the fish and green onion.
        • Mix sauce then drizzle over waffle.
        • Top with sesame seeds.
        Servings: 2
        Author: NEUTRAL EATING
        Easy Tiktok food recipe! Waffle Maker Sushi Rice.

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