One Pot Tomato and Garlic Pasta

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This low-carb tomato and garlic pasta combines simple ingredients in one pot for rich, creamy comfort food that’s full of warm, savory flavors and nutrients. 

Healthy Garlic Tomato Pasta Recipe. Easy Dinner Idea!

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    What can I expect? 

    The average pasta dish is full of refined carbs and sugar but not this recipe! Instead, we combine low-carb mung bean pasta with homemade tomato sauce, cheese, and fresh herbs. As a result, it’s full of fiber, and nutrients, and is completely free from refined sugar. Made in a single pot in just 30 minutes, it’s the perfect family-friendly recipe that doubles as a convenient meal prep option! 

    Is One Pot Tomato and Garlic Pasta Healthy? 

    Great Summer Pasta with Tomatoes and Garlic!

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      Let’s look at the main ingredients: 

      • Cherry tomatoes 
      • Olive oil 
      • Garlic
      • Coconut milk
      • Parmassan 
      • Noodles

      Olive oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and coconut milk are all-natural, nutritious foods that can be used to add nutrients and flavor to a wide variety of recipes. 

      Sugar is what makes food unhealthy.

      Common pasta is made from white flour (refined grains) which means pasta is nearly equivalent to sugar.

      Add 240g of sugar (40g/serving) to this tomato and garlic pasta, and you’re looking at heartburn with an energy crash. (And you’ll be scouring the pantry for your next sugar snack within the hour.) 

      Substitute common pasta with our low-carb alternative, and this recipe becomes nourishment. The ingredients provide vitamins, minerals, protein, and quality, whole-food energy. 

      Enjoy this tomato and garlic pasta knowing it supports your well-being. Learn more about eating less sugar here.

      One Pot Tomato and Garlic Pasta Tips

      1. Meal prep 

      This recipe keeps well and reheats like a dream. So, go ahead and make a double batch to enjoy throughout the week! Once cooked and cooled, leftovers can be transferred to glass Tupperware and stored in the fridge for up to five to seven days. Then, just warm them in the microwave or over medium heat on the stove, and enjoy! 

      2. Include protein 

      We kept this pasta vegetarian-friendly, but you could easily bulk it up with the addition of cooked ground meat such as lean beef, turkey, or chicken. 

      3. Add extra veggies

      Whether you have picky eaters or are just trying to incorporate more vegetables into your life, this tomato and garlic pasta is a great way to sneak in extra servings. Add mushrooms, zucchini, or spinach to the mix, and you won’t even notice that they’re there! 

      4. Incorporate a side 

      Round out your meal, making it extra filling and fit for a crowd with healthy side dishes like a lemon Parmesan salad, spiraled cucumber salad, or low-carb dinner rolls

      5. Have leftover noodles? 

      Don’t toss them out! Save them to make another round of this tomato and garlic pasta. Or, switch things up with a batch of hidden veggie pasta or chili garlic oil noodles so you never get bored. 

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        One Pot Tomato and Garlic Pasta

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        One Pot Tomato and Garlic Pasta
        Prep Time:5 minutes
        Cook Time:25 minutes


        • 1 box – Edamame Noodles
        • 2 Tbsp – olive oil
        • 10 garlic cloves minced
        • 1 pint – cherry tomatoes
        • ½ tsp – salt
        • ¼ tsp – pepper
        • 1 Tbsp – chili oil
        • ½ cup – coconut milk (unsweetened) or heavy cream
        • ¼ cup – grated parmesan cheese
        • ¼ cup – fresh basil


        • Prepare Edamame Mung Bean pasta according to its instructions.
        • Place a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Add olive oil and garlic sauce for about 30 seconds.
        • Add in tomatoes, salt, and pepper and stir.
        • Cook the tomatoes until softened a bit, about 5-8 minutes.
        • Add the chili oil and stir.
        • Add cooked pasta and mix well to coat the pasta evenly.
        • Lower heat and add coconut milk and cook for about 5-8 minutes.
        • Cover the saucepan, cook for 3 more minutes.
        • Add parmigiana, basil, and serve.



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        Servings: 4
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        Fresh Tomato and Garlic Pasta Recipe!

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